Trinidad Carnival
The World's Greatest Show

Which is the best... New Orleans Mardi Gras,
Rio De Janeiro Carnival or Trinidad's?

Coconut Head LogoDoes Trinidad Carnival deserve the title of The World's Greatest Show?

In the months and weeks before Lent volumes are written about Rio De Janeiro Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras. But, very little will be published in the international media about Trinidad Carnival. This begs the question...

A reveler enjoying Trinidad Carnival, the World's Greatest ShowWhich is the most influential carnival in the New World?

 Media Coverage & Tourist Volume 

If you were to judge based upon media coverage alone, particularly in North America, you would have to assume that Rio De Janeiro Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras are the top contenders for best carnival because coverage of Trinidad Carnival is almost non existent.

If you were to form an opinion using the number of tourists who visit each event, then perhaps Rio De Janeiro Carnival might have the edge on the world's greatest show claim.

Trinidad Carnival Queen 2006Rio De Janeiro Carnival is, without doubt, a highly organized, spectator friendly show that is watched by thousands of visitors.

 The Player Paradigm 

However, what if you use the number of people who actually participate in a particular style of carnival, world wide, as the criteria to determine which is the World's Greatest Carnival?

Several generations playing mas' together in the World's Greatest Show, Trinidad CarnivalUnlike the Rio De Janeiro Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras, Trinidad style Carnival is the model for Caribbean carnivals including Jamaica and Barbados.

Furthermore, Trinidad Carnival has been introduced to major cities around the world including Miami, New York, Boston, Toronto and London to name a few, and it has even been introduced to the Africam nation of Uganda.

A fiery masquerader at the World's Greatest Show, Trinidad CarnivalNotting Hill Carnival in London has the distinction of being recognized as the largest street fair in Europe. Yet, talk with anyone who participates in these festivals and they will tell you that Trinidad Carnival is the World's greatest carnival.

Trinidad is to Caribbean style carnivals, what Paris is to fashion. None of it's offspring can compare with the spectacle, the fire, the unfettered freedom and the share exuberance of Trinidad mas'.

 Re-exporting Carnival 

In the same way that carnival came to the new world, with Catholic immigrants, so too has Trinidad Carnival been introduced to the USA, Canada and back into Europe, with the influx of West Indian immigrants into those countries.

From this perspective, you begin to get a very different picture. The number of people who enjoy and actually participate in Trinidad style carnival, worldwide, is staggering... and it's growing.

Enjoying mas' together at Trinidad Carnival, the World's Greatest ShowWhile Trinidad Carnival has, in recent years, been influenced by Rio's, an influence that can be seen in the high degree of bikini clad masqueraders on the streets today, it's roots are still very evident during Jouvert and in the costumes of talented designers like Brian Mac Farlane.

But Trinidad Carnival stands out because it remains primarily about participation, there are no floats, and all costumes must be carried by the masquerader. Experience Trinidad Carnival once and you're hooked.

A reveler playing mas' in a comfortable Trinidad Carnival costume during the World's Greatest Show It’s All About You 

The focus of Trinidad Carnival is the reveler who purchases the costume, and not on the spectator. Today's Carnival costumes are cool, sexy and comfortable enough to play mas' in for 2 full days. And guess what? You are encouraged to join a Trinidad Carnival band. It's all about the party, playing mas', being in the moment and living life, not sitting on the sidelines, watching it.

 Revolutionary Concept 

A revolutionary concept, isn't it, to participate in a culture instead of being and observer? And if you choose to be a spectator, you can get right in amongst the revelers to take your pictures. Again, interacting with real people while having the time of your life, what an extraordinary travel concept. And even though Carnival can get a little raucous and even suggestive at times, it is just good clean fun.

Masqueraders having the time of their lives at the World's Greatest Show, Trinidad Carnival Amazing Costume Designers 

Trinidad has some extremely talented costume designers. Peter Minchell and Brian Mac Farlane to name just two.

Brian Mac Farlane won Band of the Year, yet again, in 2008, with his creation "Earth", and his 2009 presentation "Africa" promises similar acclaim.

Peter Minchell designed the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain, after revolutionizing Carnival costume design and dominating Carnival competitions in Trinidad for many years.

The accomplishments of both of these creative giants are too numerous to list here, but it should be said that they are both more than capable of competing on the world stage. So...

 The Real Carnival Questions are... 

Does carnival in Trinidad qualify as a world-class event? The answer, I believe, is a resounding, Yes!Confetty fills the air at the World's greatest show

Does Trinidad Carnival merit the title of Worlds Greatest Show? Absolutely! In many ways Trinidad Carnival is mother to a worldwide explosion of new Carnivals, it's arguably the most enjoyable, possibly the safest, and definitely the purest expression of freedom available on the planet. So yes, in our opinion it easly merits the title of the World's Greatest Show.

A tantalizing beauty on parade at the World's Greatest Show, Trinidad Carnival International Media... Take Note! 

Does the world deserve the opportunity to know more about this exciting festival? You bet it should. That's another, most definite, Yes!

This is an experience that everyone should have at least once, and anyone who has experienced the share flamboyance, unfettered freedom and fiery fun of Trinidad's Carnival will know, beyond any shadow of doubt, that it deserves greater international acclaim as the World's Greatest Show.

Should it receive as much media coverage as Rio De Janeiro Carnival and New Orleans Mardi Gras? Well, answer this one for yourself...

Foreign visitors discovering the world's greatest show, Trinidad CarnivalOver 90% of the world doesn't even know that Trinidad Carnival exists, let alone that they are welcome to take part in on of the World's greatest celebrations.

Consequently, carnival in Trinidad sits like an unopened pearl waiting to be discovered by millions: women who would glory in the chance to get all-glammed-up for 2 days like a Las Vegas showgirl, men who would revel in the muted mayhem of Jouvert celebrations; vacationers looking for a unique adventure, explorers who would be overjoyed to take part in what is unquestionably the World's greatest street party.

Coconut Head Logo What's YOUR Opinion? 

We know you are itching to voice your opinion. Tell us what you think... Is Trinidad Carnival is The World's Greatest Show? How well does carnival in Trinidad compare with Rio De Janeiro Carnival, New Orleans Mardi Gras, or any other carnival for that matter? You can either find out more about carnival in Rio here at; or...

Beach slippers for our guestsRead what other visitors have said; vote for the carnival you think is the World's Greatest Show; or tell us about your most incredible carnival experience. Either way, we'll include your opinions below...

What's Your Opinion...

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The World's Greatest Show?

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Is it Trinidad Carnival? Is it Carnival in Rio De Janeiro? Is it New Orleans Mardi Gras? Or is it some other event the World's Greatest Show? What has been your greatest carnival experience? Compare diffrent carnival experiences.

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Trinidad Carnival Vs. Rio Carnival 
A previous comment rationalized that the size of Rio’s carnival makes it the best? Comparatively, you can say that McDonald’s serves the most hamburgers …

Sorry, but you are totally misinformed. All those people who are saying that they came to Carnival in Rio are lying, because if they had they would know …

the biggest carnival? 
I am sorry,but the largest and best carnival in the world is in Brazil because it is not only in Rio, but also the whole country, different states, with …

Sweet, Sweet, Trinidad and Tobago 
I've never experienced Carnival in Rio but I've played mas in Trinidad and Tobago over 13 times, and I can say it's the best time of my life! There's …

Trinidad Carnival is the best in the world 
Trinidad we all know has the BIGGEST AND BEST Carnival in the world.I have never enjoyed myself as much as I have around carnival time in T&T as a child …


Trinidad and Tobago is number 1 !!!! period. Not rated yet
Besides better music variety more costume variety and actually being a part of the entire experience head to toe. Nothing else compares. Size or numbers …

apples and oranges.... Not rated yet
Trini and Rio carnival are 2 completely different carnivals and should be appreciated completely differently. I feel as if this article is a bit misleading …

Carnaval de Barranquilla  Not rated yet
Have you seen the videos of this carnaval?? MAN! i tell u, u havnt seen anything yet! In my opinion its like waaaaay better than Rios and not to give preference …

if u say mine is the best i will not argue with that :-O Not rated yet
I worked on an oil rig with quite a few Brazilian guys, and we spoke about carnivals. i always though that Rio was the best so i said i would want to give …

Each has there own merit Not rated yet
The organisation of Rio's Carnival, is way different to Trini Carnival. A Street parade with floats and dancers cant be compared to a band of people 10000 …

Trinidad Carnival is the worlds greatest show Not rated yet
lovely girls plus Trinidad carnival don't need no tourist to make it good just the people of the country is needed plus carnival is celebrated all over …

T&T Carnival Not rated yet
I have yet to experience MAS in Trinidad but plan to in a couple of years. I am now 65 (still young) and intend to be a participant in the World's Greatest …

No questions asked!! Not rated yet
Rio has the best Carnival show!!! You have Samba, GREAT FLOATS!!! GREAT COSTUME... Brazil has the best carnival!!

World cup cricket Carnival 2011 Not rated yet
More beautiful!! more awesome opening ceremony cricket world cup 2011...


I Saw It On Video 25 Years Ago!! Not rated yet
I did not believe that there was something that awesome going on in the Caribbean! I was totally shocked. And when I saw the costume designed by Peter …

Trinidad without a doubt Not rated yet
Nothing else to say. Been to Rio and Mardi Gras.... Nothing compares to a Trini Carnival!

trinidad carnival is the better than Rio De Janeiro Not rated yet
I have seen Rio many times and I have also been to Trinidad carnival so i can tell you from experience of both events Trinidad carnival is the winner no …

In my opinion Trinidad's Carnival is the best. Trinidad brings something new every year. Jouvert is different to Tuesday's mas, high class steelband …

Carnival in Trinidad  Not rated yet
When it comes to Trinidad's soca music, culture and the way Trinidad celebrate their Carnival, it is definitely unique and is obviously fantastic and enjoyable. …

World's Greatest Show Not rated yet
No doubt, Rio de Janeiro is the winner. I have been to Rio several times. There is nothing compared to Rio's carnival parade. I also have been to New …

Trinidad is a paradise Not rated yet
I totally agree with every one who thinks Trini carnival is the best. I am not a Trini myself but this year, when I saw the carnival, I wished I could …

I'd definitely say Trinidad Carnival Not rated yet
Trinidad without a doubt...Trinidad senza dubito

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