Where is Trinidad?

Windward Antilles, Lesser Antilles, West Indies?
You know more about Trinidad than you may think...

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The quickest response to the question "Where is Trinidad and Tobago?" would be to say that they are the most southerly islands of the blue Caribbean Sea.

But to be precise, Trinidad and Tobago lay between 10° 2' to 11° 12' north latitude and 60° 30' to 61° 56' west longitude, with the island of Trinidad perched on the South American continental self, just 7 miles, at its closest point, from Venezuela.

Kimmy Stoute-Robinson, National Senior Limbo Champion defending her title Calypso and Limbo 

But here's the odd thing, as you read our answer to the question, "Where is Trinidad?" you will come to realize that these islands may have already touched your life in numerous ways...

For example: almost everyone is familiar with Limbo, that fun party dance. However, what few realize is that Limbo is a traditional Trinidadian folk dance that was first popularized during the 1940s and 50s when Calypso - Trinidad folk music - became the newest craze in the West.

And even if you are not familiar with classics calypsos like "Rum and Coca Cola" you are likely to have heard more recent Trinidad Calypsos, current international party favorites like "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and "Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!".

Fancy Trinidad Guppy Trinidad Guppies 

When you were younger, you may have had a small aquarium with tropical fish. If you did, it is very likely that one of those fish was a Guppy. And you can guess where guppies are found? That's right, the wild cousins of the fancy little fish that swam in your childhood fish tank - known locally as "millions" or "millionfish" - continue to swim in Trinidad's rivers today. It seems that on this carnival island even the fish eventually end up wearing Trinidad Carnival costumes.

Trinidad Steel Band Drums Oil, Oil Drums and Steel Band Music 

You may not be aware of it but the world's first oil well was drilled in southern Trinidad in 1857, close to the La Brea Pitch Lake.

It was the discarded oil drums from Trinidad's oil industry that provided one of the resources for the development of the steel drum, or Steelpan as it is more correctly called. An instrument that was invented in Trinidad during the early 1940s.

You will have heard steelband music, perhaps without realizing. It's a sound that has become associated with tropical island vacations everywhere, and is regularly heard in radio and TV commercials promoting summer sales and tropical getaways.

Pigeon Point Tobago Location of Trinidad and Tobago 

If you are asked the question, "Where is Trinidad and Tobago?" you can also say that they are located in the Windward Antilles - the most southerly group of islands of the West Indies.

And while perhaps a bit confusing, Trinidad and Tobago are also part of the Lesser Antilles - the smaller islands of the West Indies, the Caribbean island archipelago that encircle the Caribbean Sea from Florida to South America.

And finally, Trinidad, hugging the South American coast as it does, sits just south of the hurricane belt. Providing a relatively safe harbor for yachtsmen and yachtswomen to ride out the hurricane season.

Beautiful beach in Tobago Where is Trinidad and Tobago? 

Trinidad is a business focused Caribbean island, and as a result tourism has taken a back seat, which is one of the reasons people are unaware of Trinidad's location, or its connection to Limbo, Calypso, Steelband, and many other things.

While this may be poor marketing, the oversight has permitted Trinidad to slip by under the radar, allowing its culture to grow largely unaffected by tourism.

This makes Trinidad, and its sister Tobago, the ideal place to experience the real Caribbean in all its vibrancy, flamboyance and New World charisma.

Trinidad and Tobago is a unique twin island nation, each island with its own distinct culture, character, and history. One island is vibrant and exciting, the other peaceful and picturesque, and it's this diversity that makes exploring these enchanted sisters so exciting.
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