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Beach slippers for the readerEach Mayaro Beach vacation tip, in this mini vacation planning guide based is on personal experiences, and designed to help you make the most of your adventure.

 Where is Mayaro Beach? 

Mayaro Beach is located in South Eastern Trinidad, with Mayaro Village at the northern end of the beach. Historically, Mayaro (a name of Carib origin) was an estate based, fishing community that originally focused on cocoa, coffee and coconut products. Today, Mayaro is a popular destination for vacations and long weekends, and has become one of the preferred places to spend the Easter holidays in Trinidad.

Great Trinidad beach House in Mayaro Beach Houses & Villas 

Mayaro beach houses can range from fully air-conditioned, modern masterpieces with full maid service and a pool, to bare bones older vacation rentals with lots of rustic charm, and just enough convenience to let you know that you are not camping.

Most beach rentals come complete with china, cooking utensils, sheets etc. However, some may required that you bring certain items like your own towels, for example. The Mayaro beach house we rented included the services of a great cook and had a small racket court in the back.

Mayaro Beach Houses Between the Coconuts Security Arrangements 

Most rental units have wrought iron burglar proofing, and some include a night watchman for added security.

 Vacation Tip  When selecting beach houses in Trinidad you may want to lean towards those with maximum-security measures in place. Remember, you are in an unknown environment that can be relatively secluded, so always ere on the side of caution, and check what security measures are in place before confirming your Mayaro beach house rental.

Exploring Mayaro Beach Markets & Groceries

Mayaro village has a small but reasonably stocked grocery located very close to the public market. However...

 Vacation Tip  It may be advisable to buy groceries for your vacation in Port-of-Spain, prior to driving to Mayaro as the selection will be better. You can always pick up forgotten items in Mayaro, or shop at the public market for fresh fruit and vegetable, if required. The public market is at the center of the village at the intersection of 3 main roads.

Eating Breakfast Doubles at our Mayaro Beach House Eating Out in Mayaro 

There is a Fried Chicken fast food restaurant in Mayaro Village, should you desire to indulge yourself. You won't miss it as it's right on the main road between the public market and the grocery. At writing, there are no other restaurants worth visiting.

 Vacation Tip  Great Doubles can be found just south of the public market on the main road in Mayaro Village. Doubles are usually only available in the morning. If you have not had doubles before then make sure you try them.

Great Friend and Great Trinidad CookIf your Mayaro beach house includes the services of a cook, she will likely have all the necessary skills to prepare excellent local dishes. Get ideas for the dishes you might like to request during your vacation from Sweet Trinidad Food and Tasty Trinidad Recipes.

Remember to leave a tip for your cook if you are lucky enough to have one, and be particularly generous if she goes out of her way to make your Trinidad holiday special.

Keeping in Touch by Cell Phone in Trinidad Keeping in Touch 

Some beach houses in Trinidad have phones but most don't. Therefore, it's a good idea to take a mobile phone along with you.

 Vacation Tip  The cheapest and most convenient way to stay in touch is with a prepaid cell phone card. You will need to have an unlocked mobile phone to use this service. If your cell is locked, you can have it unlocked at most cell phone service centers in Trinidad for a relatively small fee, around $125TT, which is approximately $20US, £10UK, or €11EUR.

Exploring Trinidad by Rental Car Car Rentals 

A car is essential for Mayaro vacations. It is a relatively easy 2-hour drive from Port-of-Spain to Mayaro via Sangre Grande (pronounced San-dee Gran-dee).

 Vacation Tip  Having a car at your disposal provides greater freedom of movement should you decide to do any exploring, grocery shop, buy Doubles or eat out. Car rental costs in Trinidad are comparable with foreign rates, except during Trinidad Carnival, when rental car fees sky rocket.

Great Trinidad Food, having a picnic at Manzanilla Beach in Trinidad Nearby Attractions 

If all the relaxation is getting to you, and you feel restless during your Mayaro Beach vacation, there are several areas you might want to explore.

For example, you can go to Manzanilla Beach for a picnic and a little beachcombing, visit Guayaguayare Beach for a stroll, or even drive beyond Guayaguayare to visit one of the many mud volcanoes in Southern Trinidad.

Collecting chip-chip, a small local clam, on Mayaro Beach Other Things To Do 

During the Dry Season, February through April, there is literally a bounty of fresh chip-chip (mini clams) at your feet. With little more than a kitchen sieve you can gather these wild clams, which, with a little effort, can be made into an assortment of dishes, including curry chip-chip and a delicious seafood cocktail.

Assorted Chip-Chip at Mararo Beach in Trinidad Vacation Tip  To collect chip-chip, look for clusters of small dimples in the sand close to the waters edge at low tide. Eureka! Your pray has been sighted.

Now, simply dig them out with your hands and put them into the kitchen sieve you brought along and wash off the sand. Then either scald them by poring a little boiling water over them to make them easier to open, or place them in clean, clear seawater for a day, to give them time to expel and sand in their gut, and open them by hand.

Swimming at Mayaro Beach in Trinidad Swimming at Mayaro 

To better prepare for your Trinidad beach vacation, read Vacation Safety Tips. These will provide you with details on likely water and beach conditions in Mayaro, and other important information about exploring Trinidad's East Coast.

 An Ounce of Prevention 

Mayaro usually has a prevailing on-shore breeze (the Trade Winds or sea blast, as it's known localy), which make it difficult for insects to bother you. However, on those days when there is no wind, visitors can fall victim to mosquito and sand fly bites, which can have a dreadful effect on those who are particularly sensitive...

Evening at Mayaro Beach in TrinidadSand flies are usually present in the early morning hours before the sun heats up and again when the sun begins to set. Mosquitoes come out in the evening and usually persist well into the night.

 Vacation Tip  Use bug repellents before the biting starts. Products with a composite of Deet, R-326 and MGK-264 are recommended by doctors and seem to provide the best protection with the least toxicity. Just make sure you keep them away from your mouth or eyes.

Include Mosquito Coil on your shopping list as a precaution for windless nights. Mosquito coils are burnt during the night to chase away these nasties while you sleep. If your Mayaro Beach house rental happens to provide mosquito nets, then use them.

Dusk, Late Evening at Mayaro Beach Vacation Tip  We believe in taking vitamin B1 three times a day starting about 2 weeks before you travel, and at the same time increasing your intake of garlic. Together these seem to help reduce your appeal to various stinging and biting insects.

When bitten do not rub or scratch the bites. Wipe with rubbing alcohol or Calamine Lotion. Gin or Vodka wiped over the area will also help if you have it handy. Use Motrin, Advil, Aspirin and the like to relieve any discomfort. See the local pharmacist for-over-the-counter applications and have them recommend a local doctor if prescription drugs are recommended.

 Medical Emergencies 

While it's highly unlikely that you should be faced with a medical emergency while on your Mayaro vacation, take a note of the following information and keep it in your travel documents. It's always a good vacation tip to have important information handy and in one location:

  • Mayaro Health Center, (868) 630-3774, open 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays. If for any reason Mayaro is closed then drive straight for the...
  • Rio Claro Health Center, (868) 644-0687, open 8 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays; or the...
  • Sangre Grande Regional Hospital, (868) 668-2273, 24/7.

For emergencies that are more serious, drive immediately to:

  • San Fernando General Hospital, (868) 652-3581-6, 24/7; or
  • Port-of-Spain General Hospital, (868) 632-2951, 24/7.

Coconut Head LogoNow, with all the details out of the way and your Mayaro vacation fully planned, it's time to relax. We have no doubt you'll enjoy every minute of your long awaited holiday.

We'll be in Mayaro again very soon, this time with the hope of discovering a new restaurant, beach bar, inn or resort that is crying out for inclusion in this guide. Drop us a note via our Contact Us Form, if you've recently spent some time there and have a vacation tip you think will assist fellow explorers.
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