Trinidad and Tobago Villas
and Beach Houses

...each rental like visiting a different Caribbean Island

Beach slippers for the reader to wearTrinidad and Tobago villas and beach houses offer such contrast that each vacation here in Trinidad can seem like you're exploring a different Caribbean island.

Caribbean rentals that we leased ranged from grand, fully air-conditioned beauties with Jacuzzi and maid service, to charming, older vacation rentals with just enough convenience to let you know you're not camping. However, it's the individual locations that add real pizazz.

Beautiful Trinidad Vacation Villa on the beach Vacation Memories 

For our first visit, we rented an old Estate Home, right on the beach - the best of Trinidad beach houses in my father-in-law's opinion.

On this occasion, our vacation memories were influenced as much by the novelty of the ancient Demerara windows, antique iron bed frames, and bare sandy floors of a by-gone era, as by the wonderful lady who prepared our meals.

Blanchisseuse villa North Coast Trinidad Blanchisseuse Villa 

At this amazing Trinidad villa in Blanchisseuse, we basked in an infinity-edged swimming pool with dramatic views of Trinidad's north coast.

I can still recall the sound of waves crashing on the rocky cliffs, the feel of salt-laden breezes and sun shine on my face. This was a day in paradise, spent visiting a very romantic villa.

Trinidad beach house Mayaro Mayaro Beach House 

More recently, we stayed at a Mayaro beach house. What a beach! This broad ribbon of sand stretches for over 12 miles, fading from view at either end in salty mist.

At low tide the beach was over 300 feet wide, perfect for the guys to play beach cricket or soccer while I worked on my tan, undisturbed. Here we enjoyed fresh coconut water and collected Chip Chip, a small local clam that makes excellent seafood cocktails.

And there are other older more rustic Mayaro beach houses, which are sometimes the best vacation deal on the island.

Conch shell on the beach Vacation Rentals Down-the-Islands 

By way of contrast, consider a vacation we spent at a Trinidad rental, down-the-islands. This villa was perched at the waters edge and nestled in its own private bay. With two restaurants only a short boat ride away, and the illusion of seclusion our location provided, we had the best of both worlds.
Trinidad villa Down the Islands
When I reflect on the time we spend Down the Islands, I recall our visits with frolicking Dolphin as they migrated past our villa each evening. My husband, on the other hand, often reminisces about the hours he spent skiing, and fishing for Red Snapper, Carite, Kingfish and Tarpon. All told, our vacation down-the-islands was a fabulous experience.

Tobago villa Tobago Villas 

While not directly on the beach, our Tobago Villa was within easy walking distance of the airport, the islands most popular beaches and several reasonably-priced restaurants.

To make things even more perfect, this treasure came complete with its own private pool for romantic moonlight rendezvous and lazy days.

 Each Vacation-Rental Experience a Gem 

Each of these experiences was so amazingly different. The Trinidad and Tobago villas and Trinidad beach houses we rented offered so much more than just another vacation property, on just another sandy beach.

Each of our vacation rentals had a distinctive character that fashioned unique Trinidad and Tobago vacation memories.
Beach slippers for our guests

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