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Gastronomical delights of true diversity

Beach slippers for our guestsTrinidadians love to eat; a cultural passion that has created some iconic Trinidad food.

Trinidad and Tobago food is a delicious blend of mainly African and East Indian elements, with a few Chinese, French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Syrian, Lebanese, and native Amerindian culinary traditions thrown in for good measure. Is it any wonder then that Trinidad food is the richest and most exciting food culture in the Caribbean. Visiting Trinidad, without eating Trinidadian, is almost a culinary crime.

Pig roast Trinidad food Gastronomical Journey 

Take your taste-buds on an adventure, join us on a gastronomical journey through the extra ordinary tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

We'll uncover the seasonings that form the basis of many traditional, savory dishes, and discover where you can go to taste great Trinidadian food in the bargain. We'll share Trinidad recipes with you, so that you might try them at home and extend your vacation experience well beyond your actual visit. We'll even mix up some local drinks, both virgin, and spiked with some of the best rums in the Caribbean.

Buying Trinidad Doubles in Port-of-Spain Trinidad Doubles 

Our gastronomical adventure beings with Trinidad Doubles, an East Indian inspired treat and breakfast staple that is craved by visitors and locals alike.

On our journey, we'll discover that there's a certain etiquette when buying Doubles, and we'll direct you to George's X, one of my husbands favorite doubles vendor and several other of the best doubles-men in Port-of-Spain. We will also try to uncover the origin of Trinidad Doubles, it's history, and leave you to pass judgment on where the best Doubles can to be found...

Biting in to a Bake and Shark on Maracas Beach Trinidad Shark and Bake 

The best place to try Shark and Bake is at Maracas Beach. Journalist Sam Sifton of the New York Times, called it a "truly righteous sandwich" in a commentary entitled "Tasting Trinidad".

This delight can be individualized with an astounding array of exotic condiments. Now, don't get all queasy on me if you haven't eaten Shark before, many people who dislike fish love Bake and Shark. It's an experience not to be missed.

Delicious Trinidad Roti, great Trinidad food Trinidad Roti 

Trinidad's original fast food; some of the best Roti is still sold by street vendors. Like Doubles, Trinidad Roti is almost a national food, a curry wrap best eaten with your hands and accompanied by a Red (Kola Champagne) or Grape Solo - local carbonated drinks. Roti is one of those must-eat during-your-vacation foods that seem to be the norm on these wonderful islands. To try Trinidad Roti, is to love it.

Drinking a coconut water around the Savanna in Port-of-Spain Trinidad Coconut Water 

While not actually a local dish, we believe that Coconut Water and all things Coconut deserve a special mention.

You can enjoy Coconut Water around the Savanna or as a great mixer with local rum. We'll search out places where you can taste real homemade coconut ice cream - not available commercially, which has a delicate flavor unlike anything Coconut you might have tasted before. A real treat.

Drinking corn soup, great Carnival and Trinidad food Trinidad Corn Soup 

Corn Soup is Trinidadian food at its best, the perfect pick-me-up for tired masqueraders and partygoers at Carnival time. A Creole concoction with its roots buried deep in the history of this land. A savory blend of split peas, corn, ground provisions and wheat flour-dumplings, mixed in a rich, carb-based broth guaranteed to keep your feet moving.

Curry cook-up sweet Trinidad foodWhile this is traditionally a street food, my father-in-law makes an eye-popping-good Corn soup; a recipe we'll share with you. So, as my great-grandmother-in law would say, veni mangé... Let's eat!

 Educated Pallet 

Take it from me, a Trinidadian by marriage, someone who loves Trinidad food, but who, until recently, considered anything with a hint flavor to be spicy. There are some things in life that must be experienced and Trinidad food is one of these. Trinidadians say that good cooks have a "sweet hand"; I guess it follows then that the Trinidad recipes they bring to life must be "sweet Trini food".
Beach slippers for our guests

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