The Best Trinidad Doubles

...the breakfast of the gods

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"Don't leave Trinidad without tasting Doubles."

That's the best advice we can give you because every visitor we've introduced to Doubles can't get enough.

Trinidad Doubles are to Trinidad, what coffee is to Seattle, and as a result you'll find Doubles vendors on many street corners. Doubles are as much a part of Trinidad culture, as calypso, pan, soca, Trinidad Carnival, Parang, Jouvert, stew chicken, and roti.Trinidad Doubles

 Trinidad Doubles 

A Doubles is made up of 2 barra between which are placed some lightly curried channa, a small spoonful of one or more chutneys (made from either shado beni, mango, tamarind, pomme cythere, cucumber or coconut), and a dab of Congo or Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce. Sounds exotic doesn't it? Well it tastes heavenly. 2 Doubles will cost you approximately $6TT, $1US, or £0.60GBP.

Buying Trinidad Doubles in Port of Spain Doubles Etiquette 

If you are buying Doubles to take away, you will have to wait in line while those who wish to eat theirs right away are served. Trinidad Doubles men and their assistants are very good at keeping track of who's next in line, no matter how disorganized things may sometimes seem.

Trinidad Doubles man at Piarco International Airport Great Breakfast Street Food 

When buying Doubled for the first time ask for "slight pepper" if you like spicy food, if not try yours with "no pepper", but include any chutneys that may be available that day.

Doubles is a breakfast delicacy and is usually available from about 7:30 until around 10:30 in the morning, or until the vendor has sold out.

Some locations now have a second crew that serves Doubles for lunch. Outside of the Long Circular Mall in St. James is one location where you can buy Doubles until well after mid-day.

Father and Son Trinidad Doubles in Arima Best Trinidad Doubles 

Where do you find the best Doubles in Trinidad?

Some say Aranguez others say Debe. Every Trinidadian has a favorite doubles vendor.

We decided that we'd try as many Doubles as we could in one day to see whether we could resolve this issue for ourselves, so we visited 3 different Doubles men in quick succession in the Woodbrook and St. James areas of Port-of-Spain.

Search for the best Trinidad Doubles The Verdict 

Where did we find the best Trinidad Doubles? On this occasion, and after only this limited sampling, Georges X, at the corner of Carlos and Roberts Streets in Woodbrook, came out on top with her cucumber garnish. At our last stop, at the western end of St. James, the vendor there, a very pleasant man, suggested that we come back to try his Dhal Pies, and you can bet we will on our next visit to Trinidad.

Trinidad Doubles Vendor Other Great Doubles 

Other places to try good doubles and determine for yourself which are the best Doubles, are: Outside Long Circular Mall and across form Smokey and Bunty's in St. James, in front of Starlight Shopping Center in Deigo Martin (one of our favorites), Barataria roundabout just off the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, Piarco International Airport as you step off the plane, Father and Son outside the market in Arima, and Debe and Mayaro villages to name just a few.

Coconut Head LogoThe title for the best Trinidad Doubles is still up for grabs. The truth is most Doubles are excellent, just remember to choose the vendor with the longest lines if you want to try the best. And now for the most important advice...

Don't leave Trinidad without trying Doubles!Beach slippers for our guests

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