Trinidad Carnival Vs. Rio Carnival

by Stephen

A previous comment rationalized that the size of Rio’s carnival makes it the best?

Comparatively, you can say that McDonald’s serves the most hamburgers in the world, but that does not make McDonald’s the best burgers or the best burger restaurant!

It’s not a matter of how many people attend Rio carnival, or how well promoter Rio carnival is, and I must admit Rio and Brazil do a fantastic job promoting and marketing their carnival…

Rather it’s the experience that is important, and Trinidad carnival is all about participation and the individuals experience. Trinidad carnival is not about tourism, although many come to enjoy the fun; Trinidad carnival is not about media and full hotels, though media come from across the world and hotels are fully booked; Trinidad carnival is not about the size of the city or how many people party, though carnival celebrations are held through out Trinidad and Tobago, and Trinidad carnival has inspired similar celebrations to be held in Miami, London, Toronto, Boston, New York and it has influenced the way carnival is celebrated through the Caribbean; Trinidad carnival is not necessarily about pretty costumes or beautiful women, though it has both. Trinidad carnival is the “World’s Greatest Show” because it is the best experience for the individual, and everyone is invited to join a carnival band and experience what the word ‘bacchanal’ really means. It’s a primal experienced that everyone in the world should have at least once in their life. So I guess it depends which you prefer quantity or quality?

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Trinidad Carnival ... AMAZING!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Rio may have all the hype but anyone who thinks Trini carnival cannot compare has no idea. Carnival in Trinidad is not a single event, it's a season about 3 months long culminating in a 2 day street parade. This is my 1st experience - The music is fantastic .... lots of variety, things like calypso, soca, chutney soca, groovy soca...intoxicating. The women ... OMG ... beautiful. The parties, called fetes, are themed and unbelievable.

I've met lot's of people who actually played Rio carnival and then Trini carnival and they say Rio cannot compare for the shear level of enjoyment. I could understand.

Why Trinidad Carnival is not as known?? I can't figure it out although apparently Miami, Toronto, NY, London all have Carnivals based on Trinidad.

From my experience Trini Carnival is like cocaine ... once you've sampled it you will get addicted I know I am. I have never had so much fun. As long as I'm able I will be back for more.

by: Andrew

Brasilian carnival is wonderful. We have been in both: Brasil & Trinidad and our group of 120 ppl just got enchanted with the Brasilian beauties. the efforts the trinidadians use to try to put down the brasilian carnival (the best now and always) they should focus in make their festival better, so the tourists may will like it most than they like the brasilian one.
The way trinidadians are opperating in this matter will not work to benefit them. Be envious or jealous will not solve their quality problems!

love both but rio is home
by: Anonymous

I am from Rio but my boyfriend is trini i must say i had more fun in trinidad than at home in Rio the people mix well in the bands and the women are just as sexy mixed with two or more races I would think i was back home but english is there main langues my bofriend is mixture of spanish trini and indian trini very sexy it really not that diffrant

by: Anonymous

Let me just clear one thing up, Rio carnival has some but is NOT about tourism. Carnival here would be EXACTLY the same with or without tourists.
Its the Brazilian people that drive the carnival. That's why Rio's carnival is better, simply put

Rio is not low quality.....
by: Anonymous

comparing Rio to McDonalds is the worst way to put it........ Rio carnival is the best, if you came here u would know....if Trinidad was a better carnival it would be the most famous, and more people would want to go. Trinidad (as a country) can come in close second to Brazil (as a country). No other carnival beats Brazil.......NONE

it really depends
by: Anonymous

yes Rio gets a lot of publicity, but it gets publicity for a reason. There are many aspects that people overlook when they compare the Rio and Trinidad Carnival. Ive been to Rio and trust me it is not "low quality" it's just different. and the main parade is the only aspect of Rio carnival that gets portrayed. Keep in mind that the main parade is a competition between the groups, so it can't have public participation. People take great pride in putting on the best show to win. And a lot of people say that Rio is a carnival for "bystanders", in the main parade people dont just sit down on the sidelines. In the stands are some of the most crazy carnival goers!!! people dance all night long to the music!!! and besides the main parade there are many public street samba parties that i think any Trinidad carnival goer would LOVE..... but that being said, i would also like to see the trini carnival one day :)

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