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If you are looking for a list of carnival bands then go directly to Trinidad Carnival Costumes Online.

We suggest you also read these essential Trinidad Carnival Tips for the perfect carnival experience.

Then below, we'll help you answer the question, "Which Trinidad Carnival band should you choose?"

Beautiful groupe of ladies in stunning bikini style Trinidad carnival costumes Play Mas with Friends 

The most important advice anyone can give is to recommend that you play mas with friends, if at all possible.

The lime will enhance your experience far more than either the band you choose or the costume you buy. So encourage others to play mas with you; the camaraderie of your own crew, people you know and trust, makes for a better Trinidad Carnival. But if don't plan to travel with friends, what then...

Brian Mac Farlane's Africa too you back to the Dark Continent Recommendations 

Our second tip is to choose a carnival band that was personally recommended to you. Failing that do a little research online to see what other peoples experiences have been with the band that interest you the most.

Amazing Trinidad Vacations is one such resource; we've had great experiences with Tribe, Young Harts, Poison and Elements. We know people who have really enjoyed playing mas with Trini Revelers and many of the smaller bands that are not yet online.

You can read about our best carnival in Trinidad to give you some idea what to expect, can get a few hints from Saucy's Trinidad Carnival Diary, or you can read about all-inclusive Trinidad Carnival band options.

A Trinidad beauty in her bikini style Trinidad Carnival costume Bikini Mas or Not 

When choosing a band remember this... Bikini mas bands tend to provide the most exuberant, bacchanal filled experience, skimpy costumes, young sexy bodies, glamor and glitz.

If you are not accustomed to heavy jamming or you would prefer to ease into the carnival experience in a band that provides a little more costume, then try Brian Mac Farlane's carnival production. They cater to a slightly older, more artsy crowd, where dances will be less overt sexuality, and you'll very likely play mas with a band that wins the converted Band of the Year title.

One of Tribes male section leaders in costume Costumes Go Quickly 

Now that you have selected your band it's time get excited and begin looking the Trinidad Carnival costumes that are available in that band.

The choice is now totally up to you. While similar costumes must group together at competition points, you are free to roam the band during all other times, so it is not absolutely necessary to wear the same costume as your friends. You might just actually make a couple new friends if you didn't.

Old Time Fancy Sailor MasBe aware that some carnival costume sections are likely to sell out quickly.

So, if you like one of these we suggest you book your costume early: Red Indian costumes with full war-bonnets, and Sailor costumes in bands where the main theme is something other than Sailor mas. Trinidadian men in particular love these two sections, so they usually go quickly. Remember, it's always advisable to book your costume early. This way you are sure to get the costume you want, at a price that meets your budget.

Carnival bands that sell Trinidad Carnival Costumes Online:

    BakahnialiaIsland PeopleSpice
    D KreweKoskelleTrevor Wallace
    Dream TeamLegacyTribe
    EvolutionMac FarlaneTrini Revelers
    Harvard RevelersPulse 8Young Harts

      Try fineahband if you're looking to BUY a Trinidad carnival
      costume in a section that SOLD OUT, or if your
      circumstances changed and you'd like to SELL your
      carnival costumes.

      See below for a list of Jouvert Bands

Play mas and enjoy yourself, that is the real spirit if Trinidad Carnival Carnival's Flip Side 

You must have heard the saying, "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus". Well you'll find your carnival experience is no exception. For example...

I particularly adore pretty mas on Tuesday with the gorgeous Trinidad Carnival costumes parading in sections, and all the glitter and glamor that go along with it; most women do - by the way guys, women make up over 60% of most carnival bands.

Cocoa, mud, or paint are the colors and costumes of Trinidad Jouvert Trinidad Jouvert 

My husband on the other hand prefers the mud and the madness of Jouvert. These are the two halves of Trinidad Carnival, the male and female sides of this great celebration, and I am sure you will enjoy both.

Just so that you'll know what you're getting yourself into when you play Jouvert, we recommend you read Jouvert, Jouvay, our experience playing Jouvert with Red Ants.

What color would you like to be on Jouvert Morning in Trinidad, you decide. Jouvert Costumes 

Buying a Trinidad Carnival costume for a Jouvert band is a bit different. You don't have to book your costume as far in advance, it's mush less expensive, and as you can see there's usually not that much to a Jouvert costume.

There's some friendly advice in these Trinidad Carnival Jouvert Tips that will help make your Jouvert experience both safer and more memorable.

Jouvert bands that sell their Jouvert costumes online:

    Mas JumbiesMudsters Ink
    Mudders InternationalSilver Mudders International

The Trinidad Carnival band and Jouvert band resources on this page offer a selection Trinidad Carnival costumes from which you may select. These resources are provided to readers as a convenience; Amazing-Trinidad-Vacations does not endorse independent sites, nor is it able to guarantee the services they may provided.

 Join Us for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 

Escape with us to Trinidad and Tobago, where if you follow all the tips provided by Amazing-Trinidad-Vacations, we know you'll enjoy Jouvert, Trinidad Carnival and your amazing vacation experience.

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