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Coconut Head LogoYou find outstanding Trinidad and Tobago people in the most unusual places, and in every strata of society.

They have unique views and insights that we hope to reveal through this series of interviews and conversations, a wide assortment of perspectives and opinions from which you will gain a deep understanding of the country and it's people.
For example...

David Michael Rudder in concert David Michael Rudder 

In a recent interview with Amazing-Trinidad-Vacations, Trinidad music legend David Michael Rudder called Trinidad, "The most artistic space on the face of the earth", and pointed out that the percentage of people involved in the Arts in Trinidad and Tobago is astoundingly high.

He also offered his views about Calypso's roots and function in society, and spoke a little about his philanthropic work.

You will not find this kind of insight about Trinidad and Tobago people and things Trinbagonian in traditional travel guides. The independent, friendly advise provided here offers a window through which to see Trinidad and Tobago through the eyes of Trinidadians and Tobagonians, great insight when planning a vacation.

Costumed reveler at Trinidad Carnival Trinidad Carnival Diary 

Trinidad Carnival has been one of the sparks responsible fanning the flame of the innate creativity David Rudder speaks about, but there are other local festivals like Hosay, which have played a role.

The preparation for Trinidad Carnival is a national industry. Saucy Diva in her incredible blog, reports on all this activity. Spiced with strong opinions, and her fine attention to detail, Saucy's Trinidad Carnival Diary provides daily reading for thousands of expatriate Trinidadians eager to keep in touch with day to day developments of this flourishing industry, band launchings, carnival costume selection and the like. In her conversation with Amazing-Trinidad-Vacations she offers numerous tips for first time visitors.

Bowl of Trinidad and Tobago fish broth Chennette's Blog 

Lifespan of a Chennette provides another interesting perspective in her interview, this time on Trinidad food, culture and the good people of Trinidad.

Her blog is a great place to discover how to cook many traditional Indo-Trinidadian and traditional Trinidadian recipes. And you'll want to read her suggestions about the best local dishes to try while on vacation.

Kees Dieffenthaller singing Caribbean Pop Listen to Caribbean Music 

When you listen to Caribbean music you soon come to realize that Kees Dieffenthaller is one of the rising stars of what is being called Caribbean Pop.

More than just a soca band from Trinidad and Tobago, Kes, the band, delivers an innovative blend of soulful vocals and calypso-inspired melodies, fused with rock riffs and island beats that hint of soca and reggae.

This is the new face of Caribbean music, which is not so quietly following in the footsteps of acts like Rihanna and Sean Paul. More than Trinidad music, more than calypso, more than reggae and soca, this new wave of musicians offer Caribbean inspired popular music.

Parting faces painted with the Trinidad flag Trinidad Culture 

In this series we will interview other Calypso, Soca and Internet stars, but we will also seek out business people, chefs, tinkers, tailors and tour guides - Remarkable Trinbagonians all! To enhance your vacation experience, each of the Trinidad and Tobago people we interview will offer their opinions and points of view on a number of revealing topics.

In E. M. Foster's book "Room with a View", one of the characters says, "We're in Italy to see Italy, not to meet Italians". What an unfortunate and shortsighted way to travel?

But you are not a traditional tourist are you? When you travel you want to immerse yourself in the country's culture. These conversations provide one way for you to meet remarkable Trinidad and Tobago people from all walks of life, so that you can fully immerse yourself in Trinidad and Tobago culture.

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