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...twin islands, twice the fun

Beach slippers for reader to wearTour Trinidad and be amazed. Let me restate that, Trinidad and Tobago eco tours are the best-kept secret in the Caribbean. There is such variety, from pre-planned excursions and lazy Tobago day trips to Trinidad's exciting nightlife that your to-do list will become quite long.

Tasty Trinidad treats on the road to Maracas Beach The Road to Maracas 

The drive to Maracas Bay is spectacular and easily completed in 2 hours.

Tour Trinidad, Trini style: join us for a journey across the Northern Range, riding serpentine, cliff-hugging highways along dramatic, mist-shrouded coasts, stopping on the way for all manner of tasty treats.

Upon arrival at Maracas Beach, we can dip our toes in the water of the blue Caribbean Sea or savor Shark and Bake, a renowned local delicacy that awaits us beachside. Now, with senses fully awakened and appetites engaged, the voyage to discover Trinidad really begins...

National Museum, Port of Spain, Trinidad Port-of-Spain 

A good way to start your first Trinidad vacation is with a get acquainted city tour, and here are a couple useful tips: First, city traffic can be a nightmare so choose your time wisely, and second, select a guide who will provide entertainment.

In our experience when you tour Trinidad you are often better off with an experienced tour guide, one who will quickly familiarize you with the modern city of Port of Spain while providing some interesting and antidotal historical context, then whisk you off for a panoramic view of the city, and a bit of Caribbean scenery at Fort George.

Another alternative is to take a healthy walking tour around the Queen's Park Savannah any weekday after 4:00 pm when it's alive with Trinis, and when you can get a real feel for the rhythm of the city and it's people.

The hills of Paramin Trinidad Hills of Paramin 

You'll need 3 hours, for Paramin Jeep Tours, and either a good map or a trusty guide for this little jaunt.

These are the elevated gardens of Paramin, where herbs and vegetables grow. From these heights, you'll be able to see the entire northeastern corner of Trinidad, set about by the Gulf of Paria, the Dragons Mouth and the Caribbean Sea. And, if you're lucky enough to visit during the pre-Christmas season, the rarefied air will ring with Parang melodies, as local groups tune-up for hotly contested national competitions.

Hindu God Hanaman Carapichaima Trinidad Tour for a Day in Exotic India 

What an adventure! Experience the exotic charm of East Indian culture without ever leaving Trinidad.

Travel through southern Trinidad, visiting an 80-foot statue of the Hindu god, Hanuman, and the Temple by the Sea.

If presented, grab the opportunity to take part in the colorful festival of Phagwa, witness Diwali lights or be inspired by Hosay.

In Bara Plaza, sample delicacies like Baiganee, Phoulorie, Saheena, and curried mango for lunch, then head north and sup on a simply splendid East Indian dinner at Wings or a delicious Roti in St. James. Friends back home, won't believe that this was just another day touring Trinidad.

Scarlet Ibis at the Caroni swamp, Caroni Bird Sanctuary Trinidad Caroni Bird Sanctuary 

The Caroni Swamp, the nursery of the sea, teams with life. It's muddy banks bristle with Fiddler Crabs, who wave at you in greeting as you glide along in specially designed flat-bottomed boats, and erupt with spidery Mangrove trees that seem to clamber out of the rich primordial ooze on oyster-encrusted legs.

At dusk, when the sun balances on the edge of the western horizon, Caroni Bird Sanctuary tours witness hundreds of brilliantly plumed Scarlet Ibis return home to roost, firing the sunset with their wings, scarlet feather upon scarlet clouds. A magnificent way to spend a beautiful Caribbean evening.

Glass bottom boat on it way to Buccoo Reef Tobago Buccoo Reef Tour 

A 15-minute glass-bottom-boat ride away from 2 of the most popular beaches in Tobago lays the breathtaking beauty of Buccoo Reef, where jeweled fish dance among coral gardens, and children meet their favorite characters from the "Little Mermaid".

Buccoo Reef is a national treasure and Tobago Icon, 350 million years in the making. What's more, Store Bay - the starting point of your tour - is so close to Crown Point Airport, that when you visit for the day you can walk to the beach. A tremendous side trip during your amazing Trinidad vacation, like a delicious dessert after an exciting main course.

Guyamara Beach scenery in northeastern Trinidad Northeastern Trinidad 

Discover some of the most striking beach scenery and one of the most visually exciting beaches in Trinidad.

The drive to Guyamara Beach, Toco Lighthouse and San Souci is especially wonderful, if you take the time to get out of the car and enjoy the numerous hidden coves, diminutive bays, and seldom trod beaches along the way. If you are not a shutterbug yet, this drive will still inspired you to become one, and as you tour Trinidad it will continue to motivate you to capture other memorable tropical beach pictures along the way.

 Immerse Yourself, Tour Trinidad and Tobago 

Watch for these features...

  • The La Brea Pitch Lake - Where gods once swallowed a village
  • East Coast Drive - The uncountable coconut trees of the Cocal
  • Discover Trinidad's Carib Heart - Altars of an ancient people
  • Hike Wonderful Waterfalls - Treasures of the Northern Range
  • Trinidad Nightlife - Become a master of Zen and soca
  • City Views - From high on surrounding hilltops
  • The Magnificent Seven - Historic homes, not heroic cowboys
  • Around the Queen's Park Savannah - Port-of-Spain's social hub
  • Old Port-of- Spain - Footsteps of a Colonial past
  • New Port-of-Spain - Growing business hub of the Caribbean

 Be Warned 

As you tour Trinidad and Tobago together you'll come to realize, that there is almost no way for you to see and do everything in just one visit. So, be warned, when exploring this twin island state you may be inspired to come back again, and again. Enjoy.
Beach slippers for our guests

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