Tobago Hotels

...with all the old world charm of Robinson Crusoe's isle.

Queen Conch from TobagoTobago has it all, from luxury hotels and villas to delightful self-catering apartments, family run guesthouses, and enchanting eco lodges, so you'll find the perfect accommodations to fit your taste and budget.

Come escape with us...

Crown Reef Hotel Tobago Island Hospitality 

Tobago, whose simple beauty often leaves visitors open mouthed in awe, is the fabled inspiration for Daniel Defoe's novel, Robinson Crusoe.

The once famous term "Rich as a Tobago Planter" hints at one of the reason this Caribbean island was fought over by the Dutch, French, Spanish, British and Courlanders (today's Latvia), and changed hands 33 times.

A couple of tourist on Store Bay,Cocoa Reef Hotel in TobagoWith it's rich offering of Tobago hotels and other assorted accommodations, and it's island hospitality, you can't but help feel as pampered as a Tobago Planter when you visit.

 Luxury and Style 

The pace here is charmingly tranquil, and even though the larger and more luxurious hotels congregate around Crown Point, there is a wide selection of accommodations sprinkled around the island like gold doubloons: at Mount Irvine, Grafton, Arnos Vale, Speyside and Charlotteville.

Enjoying the sun at Crown Point Beach Hotel in Tobago Delightful Tobago Hotels 

To us Tobago always congers up visions of Pirates with it's untouched beaches - typically Caribbean white coral sands in the southwest, and sparkling, chocolate sands in the northeast - and the many old colonial forts dotted across the island.

This is a dreamy Caribbean island, still beyond the main tourist routes, where you can find every type of accommodation from the quaint and secluded like Blue Waters Inn at Speyside, to the private and palatial hotels like Cocoa Reef at Store Bay, or the convenient and comfortable like the Crown Point Beach Hotel and Toucan Inn at Crown Point.

Relaxing at one of the many fine Tobago hotels Hotel Reservations 

When selecting your perfect vacation hide-away there are several things to remember...

Some of the smaller inns and guesthouses can be a off the beaten path, so if exploring the island is your objective, take a little extra time to research your hideaways accessibility. This way you'll ensure both your personal comfort and easy access to Tobago's many attractions.

Coconut Head LogoMake your reservations early, especially during the busy seasons of Christmas and Carnival, during the Tobago Jazz Festival, and Tobago Heritage Festival weekends.

When booking your room be sure to enquirer if taxes have been included in your rate as Tobago hotels are subject to 15% VAT (Value Added Tax) and 6.5% hotel tax.

Wherever you choose to stay - guesthouse, inn or luxury hotel - we know you'll have an amazing Trinidad and Tobago vacation...
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