Eating Shark and Bake at Maracas Beach

A fish tale everyone can enjoy

Beach slippers for the reader to wearAlmost anywhere you go in Trinidad, people will tell you to have a Shark and Bake while you're at Maracas Beach. It's an institution on this island, where food is an exciting part of the local culture. During our Trinidad vacations we'll drive up to Maracas Bay just to grab a Shark and Bake for lunch. Umm, sweet Trinidad food.

Eating Shark and Barke at Maracas, great Trinidad foodShark and Bake, or Bake and Shark as it's also called, is a sandwich made of lightly battered and seasoned young-shark, wrapped in a light, unleavened fried-bread or bake.

 Enjoy Exotic Fixings 

What makes this experience extraordinary is the wide assortment of condiments with which you can fill your sandwich. The list of free condiments includes exotic offerings like tamarind, cilantro, garlic and Congo pepper sauces, and more standard items like lettuce, tomato and cucumber, to name a few. Try them all.
Shark and Bake at Maracas Beach, Trinidad
In a photo essay called "Tasting Trinidad", photographer Chris Ramirez and journalist Sam Sifton of the New York Times referred to Shark and Bake as a "truly righteous sandwich".
Take a bite of my Bake and Shark great Maracas Beach Trinidad Food

 Best Beach Food 

If you are at Maracas Beach and it's time for lunch, Shark and Bake should be your first choice.

Don't get all queasy on us because you may not have eaten shark before, or like me, you aren't fond of the bones that are an integral part of many fish dishes. Try it. Shark is more like a thin fish stake without bones and fishy smell.

Richard's Maracas Bay take-a-way restaurants make great Trinidad food Beach Restaurants 

Located along the main road that passes directly behind the Maracas Beach are a number of small take-away restaurants, many of which offer Shark & Bake on their menu. A Shark and Bake will cost about $20TT (approximately $3.40US, £1.70UK, or €2EUR), a fabulous price for a tasty, truly-Trinidadian lunch.

Eating Richard's Shark and Bake, great Trinidad food, at Maracas Bay Your Table With a View 

Richard's Shark and Bake is the most famous of these beach restaurants. Just follow the crowds and look for the red tent, you'll find him quick enough. One can wait in line at Richards for 30 minutes or longer, particularly at lunchtime on Sundays and during Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. But it's well worth the wait. If it's your second visit, try the Aloo Pie, an East Indian potato pie that's also excellent.

Tables and chairs are available at some snack bars; however, most Trinidadians prefer to sit on the beach while they devour their completely individualized gastronomical delight. In this way, they're seated at the best table in the house. What a view.

Trinidad Shark and Bake, we think you'll find it truly amazing.Beach slippers for the reader

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