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Beach slippers for our readers to wearThere are few things better than waking up at a Mayaro beach house when in Trinidad. The soothing sound of surf breaking on a sandy shore, right outside your window. An unobstructed view of the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean. An absolutely spectacular way to begin a beach house vacation.

Walking on Mayaro Beach while on vacation in Trinidad Morning Renewal 

Every morning, my husband and I would go for a short walk on the beach before breakfast. Time to feel the sand between our toes and do a little beachcombing. It was always interesting to discover what new treasures had been deposited on the beach during the night.

Perhaps you'd prefer a jog to build up your appetite. Mayaro is one of the longest beaches in Trinidad, a stunning highway of sand, over 12 miles long and almost 300 feet wide at low tide.

Mayaro beach houses Trinidad Trinidadian Breakfast 

Each morning, by popular demand, my husband, bless him, drove down to the public market in Mayaro Village to pick up our order of Doubles.

Trinidad Doubles are amazingly popular among visitors and locals alike. Add delicious coconut water, picked fresh from the tree, as your beverage, and you end up with a tropical breakfast that not even the best Caribbean hotels can match for authenticity, flavor and cost.

Conch shellBy mid-morning, friends had dropped by. After settling them in, and showing them around our Mayaro beach house, it was time for us to grab a cold Carib - a prime local larger, a Trinidad Rum Punch or mix a rum and coconut water.

Swimming at Mayaro Beach Trinidad Fun in the Mayaro Sun 

As the unblemished jewel of the sun climbed into the bright blue Caribbean sky, we settled into our chosen occupations for the day. Some of us, myself included, chose to suntan and soak up the sun's warming rays, while others chose to snuggle up in the shade with a good book.

The more adventurous took the opportunity to use the unbelievably flat ribbon of sand that was our beachfront, to build sand castles or play soccer with the kids. For still others, the choice was to body surf and bathe in the unstoppable wash, wave upon wave, of an aqua green sea.

Collecting Chip-Chip at Mayaro Beach Trinidad Chip-chip Cocktails 

The gourmets among us, perhaps after getting a few vacation tips, decided to mount an expedition to collect chip-chip, a small local clam found at low tide, in the sands of Trinidad's East Coast beaches.

These budding chefs and explorers had only to walk down to water's edge to find their quarry. Armed with the kitchen sieve, the architects of this endeavor had soon collected a quantity of these succulent, little clams. With surprising ease, this hardy group turned their harvest into delicious cocktails, a lunchtime treat for the shellfish lovers among us.
Relaxing on Mayaro Beach Trinidad and Tobago
 Slowing the Day's Rhythm 

As the evening neared and the day cooled, the Trinidadians in the crowd came into their own. Lubricated by some of the best rums in the Caribbean, the old-talk flowed freely.

Dusk at Mayaro Bay in TrinidadSitting in the shade with drink in hand, the clink of ice in our glasses, the gentle touch of tropical breezes on your faces and surrounded by the laughter of friends; we realized that these are the most important things in life, ingredients that when blended make perfect days.

 The Cloak of Night 

The heavens over Mayaro Beach gradually deepened from brilliant blue to rich ink, flashing through green as the sun slipped over the western horizon. As the brief tropical twilight slid into night, it was time for crab and callaloo, great Trinidad food that you'll love.

After dinner at our Mayaro beach house, we played board games. As we did so, we had the opportunity to reflect on our day, and on this seemingly endless ribbon of sand that is Mayaro Beach.

Later when we took to our beds soothed by the sound of the Trade Winds playing in the coconut trees, we realized that this is only the second day of our Mayaro Beach House vacation. The cares of everyday life already wiped from our minds by the melody of the waves upon the sand.
Beach slippers for our guests

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