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Trinidad is the best Caribbean island for a vacation, but for the most exotic Caribbean vacation in Trinidad and Tobago you have to know which attractions are worth your time, and which are not. Come escape with us to the Caribbean's most unique and captivating islands...

Pigeon Point Peach Tobago and a flat bottom boat on its way to Buccoo Reef Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago 

In the 1940s and 50s, the Trinidad and Tobago tourist attractions that were most actively marketed were: watching Trinidad Carnival and limbo, listening to calypso and steel band, going to Maracas Beach, and visiting the Pitch Lake and that Tobago icon, Buccoo Reef.

Side trips included such things as visiting the Botanical Gardens, the Queen's Park Savannah and the Magnificent Seven, and taking in the panoramic Caribbean scenery at Fort George.

While these attractions remain interesting icons, I think you will agree that active people today probable have different ideas about what they considered 'fun things to do', when compared to people in the 40s and 50s. Unfortunately, tourism in Trinidad is still often marketed in much the same way it was back then. But here's some insight...

Visiting the La Brea Pitch Lake in Trinidad an a exotic Caribbean Vacation Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #1 

The only reason to visit the Botanical Gardens, these days, is if you have nothing better to do. There's a lot more exotic fare on the menu from which to choose.

Even with new facilities being built at La Brea, the same advice hold true for the Pitch Lake; if that is all you plan to see and do in south and central Trinidad then be prepared for a long drive, and a subdued tour at your destination. However...

Here are a few of our favorites tips:

 Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #2 

Don't plan to sit at the beach all day. Sure, there are many interesting Trinidad and Tobago beaches where you can enjoy the warm Caribbean sun, and languish your days away. But instead...

Water ButtonPlan to experience one of Trinidad's many inspiring eco adventures. These are some of Trinidad and Tobago's best attractions, and you won't want to miss the opportunity. So...

Eco tour to Avocat Waterfall in Trinidad, part of an exotic Caribbean Vacation Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #3 

Pack good sneakers or hiking shoes. There are picturesque waterfalls tucked away in Trinidad and Tobago's rain forest that are fun to explore, world-class bird watching opportunities at Asa Wright Nature Center, exciting trekking adventures to lost worlds on Trinidad's highest peaks, and the renowned Tamana Bat Caves. So come prepared.

 Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #4 

Plan to visit the Nariva Swamp and Bush-Bush Wildlife Sanctuaries. You'll enjoy this Caribbean kayaking safari and likely have encounters with West Indian Manatee, macaws, Amazon parrots and other amazing birds, monkeys, cayman, boas, anteaters, and even sloths.

Water ButtonYou see, Trinidad is a lost enclave of the South American jungles, which offers an easily accessible peek at that continent's outstanding birds and wildlife. You may also want to..

On of Trinidad and Tobago;s beautiful beaches Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #5 

Join a Trinidad Carnival band. I bet you didn't know you could take part in this incredible festival. Yes, you too and take part in what is often called the world's greatest show. Just buy one of the many Trinidad Carnival costumes available, bring a couple of you pals, and join in the fun. It's so simple, it's one of the safest carnivals in the world, and if you follow our Trinidad Carnival tips you'll have the experience of a lifetime.

 Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #6 

Planning to visit Buccoo Reef? Be warned, the popularity of Buccoo Reef and easy accessibility has caused it to become a bit bruised in specific tour locations, but it is still a great place to introduce kids to the wonders of a coral reef. But...

Water ButtonHere's the tip, learn to scuba dive before you journey to Trinidad and Tobago. They will teach you in Tobago, but the extra effort will open up scores of exciting dive opportunities for you. Tobago has many extraordinary dive locations, so turn a special vacation into a remarkable one.

Trinidad East Indian Culture in Central Trinidad Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #7 

Spend a day in India and experience exotic East Indian culture. That's right! Over 40% of Trinidad's population is of East Indian decent, and Central Trinidad is packed with sights, sounds and tastes that transport you to India.

When combined with a trip to the La Brea Pitch Lake, and the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, to witness flocks of Scarlet Ibis and Snowy Egrets roosting at sunset, you won't believe that this was just another day sightseeing in Central Trinidad.

 Exotic Caribbean Vacation Tip #8 

Tune up your taste buds. Why? Because Trinidad's diverse ethnic heritage provides you with the most exciting food culture in the Caribbean. Trinidadians and Tobagonians are obsessed with good food, and were creating fusion dishes long before world-renowned chefs invented the concept.

Water ButtonSo, don't leave Trinidad with out first trying Trinidad doubles, a unique, inexpensive and delicious street food that you are sure to love. A treat many visitors continue to crave long after they return home.

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