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Old Movie CameraExuberant masquerader at Trinidad CarnivalCheck out these exceptional hand-picked Trinidad and Carnival videos for a quick virtual tour. Only the best for our readers! If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are great Trinidad photo essays and videos worth? Judge for your self...

 Trinidad Carnival 

In this short Trinidad photo essay entitled "Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago", Madison Gray of quickly captures for you the exuberance of the adventure that is Trinidad Carnival, and tells you a bit about what to expect when you visit for Carnival.

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 Trinidad Music 

Next, a music video recently released by Machel Montano HD, one of Trinidad's top soca stars, that features a relatively new soca phenomenon, Patrice Roberts.

This is not old-fashioned, lay-on-the-beach calypso; rather this is the exciting sound of contemporary soca - the new music of the Caribbean, the sound that drives Trinidad style carnivals worldwide.

Trinidad Food, eating Shark and Bake at Maracas Beach Trinidad Food 

Now that you are fired up about Trinidad Carnival let's warm up your taste buds with a quick gastronomical tour of Trinidad's unique and enticing food culture.

In a Trinidad photo essay called "Tasting Trinidad", photographer Chris Ramirez and journalist Sam Sifton of the New York Times refers to Shark and Bake as a "truly righteous sandwich", and Port-of-Spain as one of the "great eating towns of the Caribbean", a city worth visiting just for it's amazing food.

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 Trinidad Steelband 

Here's a short National Geographic video about Trinidad steelband. Pan, as it's called locally, was invented in Trinidad during the early 1940s, and fast became the sound of Trinidad Carnival.

Steel orchestras are now found in every Caribbean Island and most major cities world wide, including Vancouver, New York, London, Berlin and Tokyo...

 Trinidad Birdwatching 

A visiting friend once told us that he saw 140 new birds during a 10-day visit to Trinidad and Tobago. These islands are a birders paradise and together they are the most bio-diverse nation in the Caribbean archipelago.

Here's a short National Geographic video that captures some of the excitement of the Trinidad bird watching and Eco tours available...

 Trinidad Videos 

The last of our Trinidad videos, is a light introduction to Trinidad and its customs. It's the sort of greeting a friend would offer to familiarize you with the quirks of Trinidad culture, and you'll find comparable insight in our Trinidad and Tobago Dictionary series...

 More Trinidad Videos 

Consider these carnival and Trinidad videos as appetizers, quick bites of Trinidad culture. We will have many more Carnival videos, we'll introduce you to a lot more soca and calypso, and we'll provide insight from some of the calypso and soca greats like David Rudder, and rising stars like Kees Dieffenthaller. Check back here as the Carnival season unfolds for more authentic local flavor...
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