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The spirit of Trinidad Carnival is immortalized in these sketches, photo-art which captures the energy and zeal of revelers at the premier Caribbean Carnival, a festival often described as the world's greatest show.

This is a New World extravaganza usually best depicted with vibrant Trinidad and Tobago Carnival photos, but just as dramatically rendered in these more subtle Carnival sketches...

Roll of film for your camera

Trinidad and Tobago is a paradox. A twin island nation with it's own brand of Caribbean modesty, where wearing nothing but a bathing-suit in public, anywhere else but while at the beach, is considered an offense.

Yet, visit the streets of Port-of-Spain with us on Carnival Tuesday, and there you'll see beautiful bodies on parade, often wearing little else but lavishly decorated bikinis in the guise of Carnival costumes.

It's part of the dichotomy and duality that is Trinidad and Tobago, spice and tempo one moment, sunsets and tranquility the next.

If you want to experience a Caribbean carnival, then do yourself a favor and journey to Trinidad where you can witness - or participate in - the premier Caribbean style carnival. A grand theatrical drama that engulfs the entire capital city of Port-of-Spain. Just remember to pack your camera so you can capture your own Trinidad and Tobago Carnival pictures as this magical madness unfolds.

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