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Some beach houses in Trinidad are homes away from home. Others, some of the best vacation deals we've come across, are more basic, a bit like camping indoors. Such was the Mayaro beach house we rented at the northern most end of Mayaro Beach.

This beach vacation was to be a few days of quiet time away from work; time to get away from the TV, time to separated ourselves from the rest of world, and on this occasion a time to secrete ourselves away from Trinidad Carnival.

Walking along pitch paved roads in northern Mayaro Beach Rustic Mayaro Cabin 

Our 3-bedroom vacation rental provided only the most basic accommodation, a beach-house which had been the victim of sea blas'. It was like renting an old car that had to be started with a hand crank. Wow! We really had stepped back in time.

There were no decorations to speak of, no frills, just the essentials: fridge, stove, lights, beds, a couple electric fans, simple bathrooms, a basic kitchen, and running water. This was just a rustic seaside cabin when compared with many of the other beach houses in Trinidad we'd rented previously.

Walking along south Mayaro Beach at high tide Mayaro Camping Trip 

There was not even the pretense of landscaping, just cappuccino colored sand, a shimmering sea, and coconut trees by the thousands.

But this vacation rental had one fantastic benefit that we were going to grow to love, it was right on the beach, and while we were not in a tent this was definitely more of a Mayaro Beach camping trip.

Exploring Mayaro Beach Best Vacation Deal 

A simple vacation can be paradise. It can be a time to reconnect, a time for long walks and quiet days, and a time to think, away from the clutter and noise of everyday life.

Our Mayaro beach-house vacation to-do-list read something like this: read a good book, check; sunbath under a brilliant blue sky, check; share long walks and meaningful talks, double check; sleep late, check; and enjoy as much coconut water as possible, check.

When you plan a laid-back beach vacation your days can be as lazy and uncomplicated as you desire, all that's required is sun, sand and good food, and most importantly, surround yourself with people that you love.

Beachcombing at Mayaro Beach Our Creole Meal Plan 

For our meal plan we chose Creole food because that's our passion: for our late breakfasts we enjoyed bake and buljhol, black puddin' and hops bread, and salt fish accra and zaboca.

For snacks we'd bought fresh fruit at the Mayaro Village market, just a 10-minute drive away: sweet Julie mangoes; succulent pineapple and delicious paw paw (both Caribbean fruit introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus); tangy Portugals (a Trini tangerine); and enough limes to make gallons of Trinidad rum punch.

Drinking fresh-cut coconut water at Mayaro beach house Quality Creole Food 

For dinner we enjoyed curried blue-back crab, a Trinidadian delicacy, and oil-dong, made with lots of local ground provisions, plantain, and of course tasty breadfruit - the fruit made famous by Captain Bligh, Fletcher Christian and "Mutiny on the Bounty."

No chops, crisps or chips, no junk food or pop (sweet-drinks as they are called in Trinidad), just good Trinidad food. And with all the coconut trees around, there would be enough fresh coconut water to quench the most veracious thirst.

Relaxing at Mayaro beach house Mayaro Beach Houses 

In fact all our excitement on this vacation was of a culinary nature.

Some times it feels good just go native and become a hermit for a few days.

You'll probably find that rustic accommodations like these offer some of the best vacation deals you'll come across, and this old Mayaro beach house vacation was what vacations should be about, rest and relaxation, and renewed relationships.

Playing in the sand at Mayaro Beach Best Vacation Deals 

When we were not eating or playing in the warm waters of Mayaro Bay, we were beachcombing, and taking long, peaceful, smell-the-roses walks that encourage you to plan your future.

Time spent together as a family can make renting an old broken down Mayaro beach-house the best vacation deal you can make. Especially when you make the time for to walk along the cool sandy beach, or upon the soft warm La Brea Pitch Lake asphalt that covers local roads. Walks of exploration and discovery, walks where a child can ask, "Mommy, what's that?" and get a thoughtful answer each and every time.

 Best Caribbean Vacation Deals 

If you plan to visit the Caribbean any time soon, you'll find that together, Trinidad and Tobago offer the best vacation deal - tranquil Tobago with its great beaches, snorkeling and diving opportunities; and exciting Trinidad with its cultural adventures, outstanding eco tours and delicious Trinidad food.
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